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A Breath of life for fans!

Welcome All! Boy or girl, man or woman, new fan or old, to the world of Erasure!

This is a growing fan site brought to you by mister_lushus, an Erasure fan. This site is Un-Official, so be sure to visit the erasureinfo.com! Made in spare time, this site represents my devotion to Erasure!



New Erasuremania.com website online.

you can join up at http://www.erasuremania.com :)



A new Erasure album is set for release this year! It will incorporate new 'soft-synth' technology as well as Andy's ever charming vocals. There has been a considerable ammount of hype and mystery concerning the new release.

EIS has revealed that the name of the new album will be 'Nightbird' and will be released some time in October. "Why October?" I hear you ask. Well, it gets dark earlier in the evening, so all the 'night birds' start coming out.

News Flash! 12/8/04

The Album has been postponed to next year!



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